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MRD5800 Advanced modular receiver/decoder MRD5800 The MRD 5800 receiver decoder solutions provide operators a choice of I/O options required today, and the flexibility to easily change in the future. The modular design of the MRD 5800 allows the operator to customize a compact, modular chassis with a var Product Details
MRD 4400 Modular receiver/decoder MRD 4400 The new MRD 4400 Receiver Decoder is the latest in Sencore’s long line of professional integrated receiver/decoders for distribution and monitoring applications. Latest-generation components ensure that the 4400 provides the most complete feature set and Product Details
MRD 3187B Modular receiver/decoder MRD 3187B The MRD 3187B Receiver Decoder is the industry’s only professional multi-format modular receiver decoder available today. The MRD 3187B receiver decoder sets the standard for performance, scalable functionality and cost of ownership. The MRD 3187B support Product Details
2RU AtlasGear Receiver/Decoder 2RU AtlasGear The Sencore card-based series of receiver decoders are used within the aG4800 openGear™ chassis. With openGearTM and the open architecture system, the multi-format decoding functionality of Sencore’s award winning Modular Receiver Decoder (MRD) can be eas Product Details

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