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DTA-105 Dual DVB-ASI Output Adapter DTA-105 Dual DVB General-purpose output adapter for PC-based applications that generate an MPEG-2 transport stream. Ideal for OEM applications. Product Details
DTA-107 DVB-S2 Modulator DTA-107 -Driving DVB-S2 receivers for demos, at shows, in electronics stores -DVB-S2 set-top-box development, repair, production testing, performance testing -Signal validation: check out whether DVB-S2 receivers can handle a new transport stream Product Details
DTA-111 Low Cost DTA-111 -PCI multi-standard modulator -Includes support for most QAM-, OFDM- and VSB-based modulation standard -Channel-simulator and Noise options available Product Details
DTA-115 Multi-standard VHF/UHF modulator DTA-115 -True multi-standard test generator -Signal validation: check out whether your receivers can handle a new transport stream Product Details
DTA-145 ASI/SDI in/out with bypass relais DTA-145 -Two independent ASI/SDI ports: -Input + Output or Dual Output (software-selectable) -Each port can carry either DVB-ASI up to 214Mbps or full-frame 10-bit SDI Adaptive cable equalisation and inverted ASI Product Details
DTA-160 TSoIP-enabled Gigabit Ethernet 3x ASI Input / Output DTA-160 -Three general-purpose independent ASI ports (software-selectable) -Low-Profile PCI card; Shipped with both low- and standard-profile brackets -Zero-jitter play-out of multiple IP streams Product Details
DTA-Plus | Booster-Attenuator DTA-Plus -Min / max RF level testing -Sensitivity analysis Product Details

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