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UFX7000 Noise Generator UFX7000 Provide Broadband Gaussian noise with superior flatness / Output power 127 dB in 1 dB steps / Flexible architecture allows internal combiner and internal switches / Standard units can be modified for specific customer requirements Product Details
PNG7000 Analog Noise Generator PNG7000 Generate white Gaussian noise and provide a summing input to control signal-to-noise / Used as a source for Jitter applications / Low distortion signal path that sums the user-supplied signal Product Details
J7000 Jitter Noise Generator J7000 Random jitter source for serial data bus applications / Designed for the PCI-SIG total jitter (Tj) model serial data application / Summing input can control signal-to-noise (SNR) or carrier-to-noise (CNR) / Standard units can be modified for specific cust Product Details
CNG-EbNo SNR Jitter Noise Generator CNG-EbNo Automated precision signal to noise generator / Maintains a highly accurate ratio between a user supplied carrier and internally generated noise / Compare theoretical BER to SNR ratios / compare theoretical BER to SNR ratios Product Details
JV9000 Adjustable Vcc Noise Generator for PSRR Analysis JV9000 Noisecom’s JV9000 is a generator specifically designed to test components that need to be qualified for immunity to specific interference levels / capability to inject noise and deterministic jitter (DJ) signals into Vcc lines / useful instrument to analy Product Details
GPS7500 Noise & Interference Generator GPS7500 capable of generating up to a 40 MHz wide noise / interference band for GPS receiver susceptibility testing / Large 8.4 " color display contains unit block diagrams and tabular signal / Modular capability provides for expansion with additional independent Product Details
DNG7500 Digital Noise Generator DNG7500 Generates pseudo-random noise and CW signals / Provide 70 MHz wide RF output to emulate real-world noise and interference conditions / An optional dual channel output allows for cost effective ATE test systems Product Details
NC6000A/NC8000A Series NC6000A/NC8000A Designed for general-purpose noise applications on the bench, or in a rack test station / Manual controls make it simple to operate and reduce test set up time / Standard units can be modified for specific customer requirements Product Details

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